Here is something I drafted for parish use a good many years ago...






  • evangelistic

  • pastoral

  • ecumenical

  • social

Expressed in the following draft statement....


We set out to meet people where they are and as they are, to bring them good news that is of real and lasting value. Our worship and outreach programme is planned to address what we believe to be the needs of those outside our group as well as those already in membership.


  • Our public worship is a proclamation of the love of God: we aim to be welcoming to all people and sensitive to every need.
  • We want to respond with special sympathy towards those who are physically, mentally, or spiritually challenged. We aim to provide access for all, through the deliberate employment of multiple channels and diverse formats appropriate to engagement with as many individuals as possible.
  • We offer teaching and training to help our members grow in stature within the life of the Church. In particular, we promote knowledge of the Bible, discovery of spiritual resources, familiarity with religious traditions and maturity in human reasoning as we explore what it is to be people of Faith.


We seek to provide support and encouragement for individuals, for families, and for organisations - especially those facing challenge and change. We are always ready to meet with people at individual moments of crisis and we welcome the opportunity to share in public recognition of major personal events: birth, marriage and death being amongst the most significant of these.


  • We offer companionship and concern for all who live and work in this place, and on request we will visit individuals, families, group homes, schools, and places of work and recreation. We want to make time for each person and every institution, since we believe that all human life is of eternal significance.
  • We give a high priority to Christenings, Weddings and Funerals for all who live in our parish, and aim to offer a service that is seen to be
    (i) appropriate for each individual circumstance,
    (ii) of real benefit to those most closely involved and their guests, and
    (iii) in accordance with any relevant guidelines issued by our Church authorities.
  • We aim to be sympathetic and fair-minded towards unusual situations and special requests. Where we feel restrained by national or local policy decisions, we will attempt to give a clear and courteous explanation, and, if possible, indicate channels of appeal or alternative sources of opinion. The current table of Church of England fees is publicly displayed in our church foyer and further details of charges for local extras are readily available in itemised form upon request.


We are committed to work together with other Christians and with all people of goodwill, both locally and internationally. We want to engage in active pursuit of justice and peace for the whole of creation.


  • We have a special concern for those on the margins of society, all who are battered and bruised, and those who lack fulfilment in their daily life. We particularly abhor any attempt to discriminate unjustly on the grounds of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, and other such forms of unfair treatment.
  • We pledge ourselves to work with all who seek a fairer distribution of the earth's resources among her peoples. We will promote the use of fairly-traded goods.
  • We aim to deal frankly and fairly with any complaints about our own performance. Each parish is under the authority of a Diocesan Bishop; any grievance may be referred to him for investigation and subsequent directions, although an informal approach is always preferable in the first instance, through the Rural Dean, the Archdeacon, or the Area Bishop. Best of all is where you feel able to share any disappointment with us directly, so that we can work on resolving it together.


We believe that the common things of life may be expected to disclose spiritual realities; that human beings are social creatures who reach their full potential only when working in cooperation; and that the well-being of the local community is vitally dependent upon the functionality of individuals, families, and associations.


  • We emphasise teamwork in our approach, since our aim is to develop resources that are relevant and resilient, thanks to a broad base of local ownership. We are glad to work with others who place a high value on the social dimension of human life, especially the voluntary and statutory bodies who are addressing such concerns in our locality.
  • We endeavour to teach and uphold high standards in personal and family life, whilst showing sympathy for those who have met with misfortune and adversity. We want to see a safe, secure community that is free from envy, hatred, and spite, in which each person may reach their full potential in harmony with others.
  • We are committed to best practice in all matters of compliance with diocesan and government standards, especially those concerned with safety, protection and fair dealing with others. Local policies will be devised and displayed where appropriate, e.g. in relation to the safeguarding of vulnerable adults, child protection, health and safety (including fire protection and evacuation procedures), performing rights, copyright and other intellectual property rights, data protection, insurance, investments and risk assessments.

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