Signs and Notices

Honeywell Computers: West London
mind the step!

A Northern Sign
Take lift to Second Floor

An Oxford Sign
VARSITY SCHOOL OF ENGLISH - press bell on left; when buzzer sounds, push hard on door and enter; take first left and second right, go to far end of corridor and ascend spiral staircase: our welcome desk is situated diagonally opposite the second-floor landing. PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS of our six-week intensive tuition course, "ESSENTIAL ENGLISH FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS".

A Legal Sign
NO ENTRY for those bearing burdens
[Entry to London Law Courts]

A Tribute Notice
Owing to misfortunes in childhood, he was almost entirely self-educated.
[statue of F Henry Royce, in Sinfin]

An Ecclesiastical Notice
The Brothers of the Misericord harbour every kind of disease and have no respect for religion.
[source: Guardian Weekly]

A French Traffic Notice
To the right, "Toutes Directions".
To the left, "Autres Directions".
[source: Guardian Weekly]

An Inconvenient Notice
In the toilets of an office block in Harare: "This urinal is out of order, please use the floor below".
[source: Guardian Weekly]

A Memorial Inscription
from his wife and family.

And another - as seen in an undertaker's window display
In loving memory of ROSE
who budded, bloomed, then faded away.

An Examination Notice
Negligently presented or slovenly work will be penalized.
[Northern Universities Joint Matriculation Board]

A Hospital Sign
[notice displayed in wooded grounds, warning of potential danger following severe winter storms]

A moving exhortation
Your journey is what you make it.
[slogan on Essex County Council Bus and Train Maps]

A telematic notice
** In the near future, this system will no longer display departure information. This is due to a system upgrade. **
[dot matrix scrolling display at Essex bus stops]

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