The Dengie Hundred Bus Users’ Group was set up in May 2010 to campaign for continued and improved bus services and facilities in the Dengie Hundred area as part of an overall public transport system to:


* provide accessibility to services

* highlight and actively seek to resolve bus users’ concerns

* work in partnership with representatives from other bodies to achieve the aims of the Group


(The Dengie Hundred is roughly the whole of the area east of Maldon and South Woodham Ferrers in Essex, reaching out into the Dengie Peninsula.  To the north is the River Blackwater, to the south the River Crouch, and to the east is the North Sea and then the Netherlands!)


The committee is broadly based and includes those who do not drive and are frequent bus users.


Issues to be addressed include

* access to healthcare (GP surgeries, clinics and hospitals)

* evening and Sunday bus services

* the funding of concessionary bus passes

* transport problems for young people

* poor information

* punctuality and reliability

* inability to communicate with large bodies

* access to rail services


Better public transport would lead to lower car usage and less congestion, and consequently to greener travel and a decrease in the carbon footprint.


The Group has a proven track record of campaigning for better bus services.  Amongst other things, it has:


* successfully lobbied Essex County Council (ECC) on maintaining the 9.00 am start for the concessionary bus pass

* participated in ECC Parish Passenger Transport Representatives meetings

* had discussions with local MP concerning possible Government funding for our rural bus services

* contacted MEPs with a view to accessing EU funds for our local bus services

* submitted 'quality of service' feedback reports to our local bus operators

* met with individual taxi firms and bus operators to review ideas and possible solutions

* submitted evidence in response to consultations inaugurated by public bodies such as the Parliamentary Transport Select Committee and the Traffic Commissioners

* liaised with local Secondary School to find out what young people need from their bus services and how best they can become involved in our activities.


Public meetings are generally held in Burnham between 1.00 – 2.45 pm to allow bus users to arrive and go home by bus.  Tea and biscuits are available and there is plenty of opportunity for discussion with other members and visitors.  Keynote speakers range from local bus managers to industry figures of national importance.


Membership is priced very modestly and is open to all persons who live or work in the Dengie Hundred and support the aims of the Group. 


The Dengie Hundred Bus Users’ Group is particularly indebted to Burnham Town Council for their continuing support. 


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