Social Strolls
in the London Area  ~  north/south/east/west




We’re switching to Wednesdays so as facilitate the following visits:


April 10th  ~  Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon


May 8th  ~  Down House & Crofton Roman Villa


July 10th  ~  Fenton House & Kenwood House


October 16th  ~  Migration Museum & Museum of Gardening


And here's a look back at some of
our best moments from 2018...

In March last year we visited to Eltham Palace.

Its owners were unbelievably rich, but if you were fortunate enough
to be invited to join them for the weekend, you'd better take some
change if you wanted to use the 'phone - guests had to pay for their calls!

A PABX interconnected all the bedrooms and service points,
but provided no facility to request an outside line.






Our April stroll took us to Twickenham.

We marvelled at the superb restoration of Orleans House
and enjoyed our lunch beside the river.

The oddest thing we saw was this group of 'naked ladies'!







Glorious weather for our July stroll!

Here is the clock tower built for the Royal Small Arms factory in Enfield.
We visited the heritage centre and then moved on to Epping Forest
for tea and cake in a country churchyard.

We even managed to beat a trail through the forest thicks!






We struck lucky again in October.

Beautiful autumn light and very mild weather
for our visit to Valence House (Barking) and
Valentines Mansion - pictured - (Ilford).






A warm welcome to ALL, plus families & friends (of all ages), BUT we do have to point out that you take part entirely at your own risk. This is NOT an official activity exclusive to NFOP members. Everything is easy-going: we try to avoid stairs and to ensure that decent loos are never far away. You don’t have to stay all day – feel free to slip away whenever you’ve had enough. These are strolls, not walks, and we aim to provide for a degree of personal choice throughout the day.





          hoping to see you soon,