Social Strolls
in the London Area  ~  north/south/east/west



In April 2019 we visited the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon. There was plenty to see and do, and since this was Easter Holiday time we found a large number of children enjoying the outdoor play facilities.

Needless to say, a large number of planes and heaps of ethical issues such as those surrounding aerial bombardment delivered by drones. Plus bags of opportunity to chat and to reflect on growing older/wiser!






May brought heavy rain! Fortunately there was not much walking required.

Crofton Roman Villa made us think: why did the owners install not one but three types of central heating - all at the same time? And what went on in all those rooms?

The weather cheered as we reached Down House. We explored the gardens laid out by Charles & Emma Darwin and made ourselves at home on their veranda.









In July we went to Kenwood House and focussed on the amzing Jacobean
portraits of William Larkin.

After lunch outdoors we discovered the wonderful pergola nearby
and rounded off the afternoon with ice creams.










October 16th 2019

Imperial War Museum - special exhibition 'War and Culture'
followed by Museum of Gardening







A warm welcome to ALL, plus families & friends (of all ages), BUT we do have to point out that you take part entirely at your own risk. This is NOT an official activity exclusive to NFOP members. Everything is easy-going: we try to avoid stairs and to ensure that decent loos are never far away. You donít have to stay all day Ė feel free to slip away whenever youíve had enough. These are strolls, not walks, and we aim to provide for a degree of personal choice throughout the day.
















hoping to see you soon,