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We have been on-line one way and another (Micronet, Prestel, C-View, Packet Switching, JANET, Telecom Gold, etc.,) since 1983, Paul having first started playing around with communications networks at the GPO National Data Processing Service in the late 1960's.  If some of our pages seem a bit klunky it's because they started life on the back of an envelope in the 1990's before being uploaded from a French-designed Minitel terminal...

When we retired to Burnham-on-Crouch in 2011, we thought that would be the end of our travels. Everything about the location suited us perfectly - but circumstances change, and we have recently been delighted to join younger members of the family in making a move to the North of England.

Our new base in West Yorkshire offers easy access to a whole string of “northern powerhouse” cities, plus some spectacular wild scenery: moors, dales, wolds, wykes (the four ‘houses’ at Paul’s primary school in Scarborough!). The train takes just two hours to Kings Cross and runs every 30 minutes, offering a convenient opportunity to keep in touch with London people and events as and when.

Our grandchildren are hugely excited about their new house, which gives them heaps more space. Granny and Grandpa have been installed in the ‘west wing’, where in due course they will be provided with a ‘wet room’ plus sundry other geriatric delights!

Drop us an e-mail if you would like to have our new address details!


Our family motto:  OUBLIE DONC NE SUIS ~ time was when we knew what this meant: sadly no longer...  ;-)


the Revd Paul & Mrs Kathrine R Haworth

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