Is the toothpaste tube a measure of marital harmony?

From 'The Avengers' - "Two's a Crowd" episode
In response to an assassination threat, Steed is being guarded night and day by an officer from special branch, who sits impassively on the settee and refuses to take off his overcoat. Steed emerges from the bathroom and says breezily "have you always squeezed the toothpaste from the middle of the tube?" to which the dead-pan reply is "Only since I got married..."
From 'The Avengers' - "Man-Eater of Surrey Green" episode
Steed is in a large conservatory, standing in front of pedestal upon which is placed a full-size Greek/Roman style female statue entwined with green leaves. By way of a throwaway line, he says in a low voice - "I'll see more of you in the autumn..." - and takes his leave.
And from "The Rotters", here is a quote I previously attributed to Steed but now know better (thanks to further repeats of the show)
Mr Reginald Pym, played by Eric Barker, is investigating a severe case of wood rot in a church belfry. An enigmatic shot reveals that the principal bell has no clapper, after which Pym shoos Steed away with the promise to give him a ring later in the day - "probably on the telephone."  (That night Pym is assassinated and the wooden bell frame crumbles to dust,  but not before an ominous tolling gives warning of Pym's predicament to a fast approaching Steed & Tara.)

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