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Relevant & Irrelevant, Reverent & Irreverent


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         The Bells!

         By What Authority?

         Computers as big as houses < updated January 2018

         French Surnames

         Gas 'n Gaiters

         gods of the Central Line


         Making Waves

         The New Lectionary

         Once in Blue Moon


         Quotable Quotes

         Revising the Scriptures

         Signs & Notices

         Those cheating eyes

         Vicarage Answering Service

         What's a Vicar for?

         The Doctor will see you now...

         The meaning of Christmas

         Why I no longer go shopping

         Squeezing from the middle

         Crumbs of Comfort for the Clergy

         Pot Noodling your way to success

         Commanding a Peace Force

         1st Century Fears

         Nine Arts

         More to follow as the days go by....


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